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Yoga and Health

13 Simple Ways to Stop Eating Extra Sugar Excessive consumption of added sugar can be detrimental to your health.The addition of sugar to sodas, sweets

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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga, exercise and ….. goodbye aging. Admittedly, our average life expectancy is clearly higher than in the past…But as time goes on, health problems increase,

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Yoga and Scoliosis

The human spine consists of 33 (or 34) vertebrae arranged in series, which are divided into sections depending on their position. When excessive curvature of

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Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in PregnancyWe can? Of course. And not just for those women who did yoga before they got pregnant, but for all those who have

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Yoga and Sweet Dreams

Good night and sweet dreams… Since I was a small child I remember saying goodnight to mom, dad, brothers and being left in the arms

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Yoga for Kids

Immobility, weight gain, indifference and laziness or hyperactivity, lack of concentration, nervousness, boredom and an ever-increasing wave of mental and physical disorders have made their

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Yoga for Men

Yoga..connection of mind and body.Breathing, movement, flexibility, strength, balance .. And yet it is considered a woman’s affair .. Many times, the questions I hear

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Yoga και Crossfit

YOGA – Το YIN στο YANG του CROSS FIT Take a look at social media (facebook, instagram, twitter etc). I have the impression that we

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Upside Down Poses

“Upside down” stops in “upside down” times! Judging by the developments around us, I would say that we live in “upside down” times. Lately, in

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