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The duration of the course in Pilates Mat is 1 hour and in Pilates Reformer from 50΄- 1 hour. The individual lessons in Pilates Reformer last 40΄.

Pilates Reformer

If you want to improve your strength and flexibility, safely under the guidance of qualified personnel then Pilates in the reformer is the solution. If until now you were concerned about your safety during exercise, you have definitely found the solution.

Using the Reformer (“Pilates bed”) we will do exercises designed to your measurements. The exercises are done in such a way that the muscles used control each movement, so that we have safety even in cases of musculoskeletal problems (back pain or cervical syndrome). 60 minutes is more than enough.

Pilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading (named after its creator, Josef Pilates). It uses various instruments, mainly the Reformer.


Whatever your fitness level, you can start today. The mat pilates (pilates in mattress) is a group program, which offers a series of exercises, which will mainly improve the core of the body (abdominal and back) and at the same time the whole body.

With the guidance of our experienced trainers you will have a safe and effective workout. Start today and you will soon feel the difference.

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