Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga, exercise and ….. goodbye aging.

Admittedly, our average life expectancy is clearly higher than in the past…
But as time goes on, health problems increase, we become more prone to diseases associated with aging and therefore, we tend to move less. And the less we move, the more prone we become to a variety of ailments. And so, we finally get into a really vicious circle.

What we often hear is that as we get older we need to be careful, move less and exercise less. Commonly what they call our chamomile or linden and on the couch for TV. This, however, is the exact opposite of what we should be doing.

A sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to muscle shortening, tightening and weakening of the muscles. Lack of movement and stretching contributes to wear and tear and loss of elasticity, while without muscle strengthening exercises osteoporosis becomes hoarse.
Arthritis, increased body fat, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, decreased joint elasticity, back pain, difficulty breathing and sleeping, stress is some of the symptoms due to lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle.
And all this leads to a very common and serious phenomenon that concerns the older age groups… The imbalance. Which is a result of the reduced activity but also of the insecurity that it causes.
How can we keep our balance upright when we choose to sit for most of the day?

The solution is simple and easy … We continue our life normally … We do not stop our activities because time passes. It does not matter how many years we have on our back, but how well maintained our back is to carry them… That is why we include exercise in our daily lives. And one of the best exercises recommended by doctors for middle age – and not only – is yoga. Which is said – and I confirm it to you from personal experience – that it comes to slow down, or even reverse the aging process.

So choose a well-informed yoga teacher, consult your doctor and start exercising!

Irene Damanaki

Yoga Educator

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