Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men

Yoga..connection of mind and body.
Breathing, movement, flexibility, strength, balance .. And yet it is considered a woman’s affair ..

Many times, the questions I hear when a man is interested in starting yoga are: But it is not only for women; And for flexible? And what is the point of tying a knot? Say I want something more dynamic…

Of course, this is not the case at all. Yoga is addressed to all of us. And of course in men. Let’s not forget that it started in India about 5000 years ago and initially, it was aimed only at men.
According to official studies, we can now confidently say that regular yoga practice, regulates heart and blood pressure, increases our endurance and strength, improves our flexibility, reduces stress and fights depression and insomnia . At the same time it improves self-concentration and mental clarity, fights negative thoughts, enhances self-control, concentration and self-confidence and helps us to know and love our body and explore its potential.
In the practice of yoga, we activate each of our muscles, ligaments and organs, compared to other types of exercise such as football, which activate 10-15%. In contrast to other types of exercise that make us tired and feel energized, yoga invigorates us and leaves us with a sense of well-being στην Helps in weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, can improve performance in other workouts and protects against injuries. And let’s not forget that yoga can increase libido and improve sexual performance!
The benefits of yoga for men are not only measured in “volume” or surface strength, which is real and obvious, but also in physical and mental strength that has depth and duration.
So the next time you think that yoga is a woman’s affair, review it..and try it.

Irene Damanaki

Yoga Educator

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