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There are lots of different types of yoga classes you can take. See what your local studio offers and try a class that appeals to you. If you like it softer, try a yin class or beginner’s yoga class. If you like it a bit more challenging, try a vinyasa or power yoga class

Yoga is addressed to all of us. And of course in men. Let’s not forget that it started in India about 5000 years ago and initially, it was aimed only at men.

Yoga has no age and does not require a sports background. You can start from scratch and depending on how regular your practice is, in just a short time, you can improve your stamina, agility and breathing. If you are new to Yoga, then choosing the right teacher is the first step. The right guidance can bring you the desired results faster and always safely. You will be able to feel the difference within you, in just a few lessons. You will be amazed at how much your body can conquer.

Yoga is a combination of breathing and movement. We learn to regulate breathing and harmonize our thinking. The first part of the lesson deals with the relaxation of the body and the concentration of the mind, so that we can fully manage ourselves. Respiration is associated with the autonomic nervous system. For this reason, frequent yoga practice benefits us both physically and mentally. As we learn and practice, we will be able to manage with confidence and courage that we stand in the way of our development.


The regular practice of yoga acts as a preventive medicine, or in combination with administered therapies.
Proven, you can achieve benefits such as: increasing endurance, improving the muscular system, improving body flexibility, better blood circulation, an ally in shielding your immune system, improving body posture, aesthetic difference and sculpting, the noticeable reduction of pain and discomfort, etc. The intensive practice of Yoga is suitable even for serious diseases, for psychosomatic diseases and for recovery. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Yoga in just one month of practice.



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