Swimsuit? Why not?

Swimsuit? Why not?

Swimsuit … make your favorite outfit.

With 5 simple tips:

May … Summer in sight! Sun, sea, swimsuit …
And just before we go to the beach, the question … how to wear it now that we see ourselves in the mirror and we wonder ???
What do we do with those few extra pounds of winter that we do not like at all?

Tip No. 1: The more negatively we see ourselves, the harder it is to improve it… So let go of his whining “fat and what will I do”. It spoils our mood, and believe me it has no effect!

Tip # 2: Eat your diet a little, we all know what not to eat.

Tip # 3: Put your swimsuit in the house … Yes yes … And do whatever jobs you have. For as long as you can.

Tip # 4: Work on yourself and do some exercise for at least 40-50 minutes a day. Walk, run, dance. Do something you like … All studies show that doing something we love results much faster and more spectacular… If you ask me I highly recommend yoga … It has the power to transform you very quickly … in and out. And the inside is more important … it reflects the outside!

Tip No. 5 and last: To smile every morning when you wake up, to say a big thumbs up to yourself because it is worth it and to love who you are so that what you will become has the best basis…

And believe me in a while the swimsuit will be your favourite outfit.

Irene Damanaki

Yoga Educator

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