Yoghurt, the favourite food of Jegins Hahn and his army in the 13th century, is one of the oldest foods and has been described as a “Therapeutic Essence”. Food rich in high-quality protein, with vitamins A, B & D, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iodine, has multiple health benefits.

It helps prevent osteoporosis, strengthens our immune system and the good health of our intestines, ensures the balance of the intestinal flora, protects our nervous system and prevents viruses and fever.
It is light, tasty and digestible, acts against insomnia and has anti-cancer action.
In addition to all the above, yoghurt is also our ally in weight loss, as due to its calcium content, it contributes to fat metabolism, breakdown and weight loss.

So let’s put yoghurt in our lives and our diet…
Superfood or not I can not tell you… But I know for sure, that with yoghurt and fruit I go everywhere …

Irene Damanaki

Yoga Educator

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